Frequently Asked Questions

Below we list our most Frequently Asked Questions. Since we cannot possibly cover every question, please contact us for any additional questions you may have for us.

From March through November, we mow our client’s properties once per week. Then in December and January we visit our clients’ property one time each month. Finally, in February we provide mowing services twice.

We do realize every lawn is different depending on the health of your lawn. So, we can customize our schedules to accommodate your lawn.

We only accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. We require a credit card to be on file before we complete any work on any of our clients’ property.

After we complete the work on the property, we will automatically charge your credit card. We send out the everyone’s receipt by e-mail, at end of the day.

We have never required a contract, and we will never require a contract. The work we do, we love, and we believe we will prove that to you week after week. We do not want you to feel like you are stuck with us if you are unhappy. Therefore, we believe by not having a contract we can prevent this feeling.

So, we charge all our residential clients on a per-visit basis.

For our commercial clients, we have the same core belief. However, we understand some companies require contracts for their protection. Therefore, if the estimate that we send you does not cover everything your company requires we are able to create a contract for you.

While we truly hope this never happens! Sometimes things happen. However, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, give us a call and we will come back at no additional charge to make any necessary changes.

We want every one of our clients we service to be completely happy. We believe in a simple philosophy happy clients will stick around. Since we want you to always be around we know we need to keep you happy. Besides when you are happy we are happy.

Unless someone requests a different height we mow all lawns at 4-inches.

Cutting your grass short is harmful to your lawn in the long run. Mowing with a low blade height removes nutrients stored in leaf blades and exposes the soil to sunlight, allowing weeds to take hold more easily. Taller grass is better able to compete with weeds, thanks to a larger root system and a higher tolerance for heat. It also shades the ground, allowing the soil to retain water more effectively.

No we do not spread any Saint Augustine seeds. Unlike the majority of other types of grass St Augustine seeds are very unreliable. Actually the seeding companies have given up on making Saint Augustine Seeds.