st augustine sod installation - sod installation in st augustine

Sod Installation in St Augustine

When you go to a store to buy sod you never know the age of the sod. You expect great sod when you purchase it. Unfortunately, once you go a couple layers down you realize you have dying sod. Your new grass should not have to be fighting for its life from day one. Especially since you did not even get a discount on the new sod. Our sod is cut the same day that we as your sod installation in St Augustine, so we know it is fresh. Chances are you will not receive fresher sod at the store since it could have been sitting there for days.

Depending on where you are considering to buy the sod we can also save you a ton of money. Since we buy the sod directly we save as much as 50% then what some big-box retailers are charging. Therefore, you can get the sod installation and have it installed by Clean Cuts of St Augustine for a lot less than doing it yourself. 

We will prep the area for your new sod before we start the sod installation and then water the sod for the first time. After we complete your sod installation in St Augustine, we will be happy to maintain your lawn. Clean Cuts of St Augustine offers many different lawn maintenance services.

We offer St Augustine sod, Zoysia sod, Bahia sod. Contact us today to request your free estimate.