Irrigation Restrictions in St Johns County

Irrigation Tips & Restrictions in St. Johns County

Every local government has specific codes regarding residential plant watering. Here are a few tips to stay within the guidelines in St. Johns County, Florida.

The Time of Year

This actually makes a difference. Lately, it has been unseasonably cold this winter, so you do have to judge it accordingly.

From March until November, watering twice a week is best because this is the time for most growth. The winter months produce substantially less growth and will only require the sprinklers running once a week.

St. Johns County has restrictions about specific properties as well. If you live in an odd number address, the two days to water are Wednesday and Saturday. Whereas if your address is an even number, your two days are Thursday and Sunday.


The time of day matters as well. It is best to not water between 10AM and 4PM. This is because these hours have the most sun. Your sprinkler water will evaporate before it has a chance to nourish your garden. Anywhere from 5AM to 10AM is our recommended time frame.

The amount of time to allow will depend on the size of your zone. Obviously, it is best to water longer in the high growth months, but never more than one hour. In our county, it is important that automatic irrigation systems have a manual override or sensor to prevent overwatering.

Exceptions To The Rule

If your local professional has just stationed new sod or installed your new dream landscape, do not fret these guidelines. It is allowed for your irrigation to be on any time for the first month after the project. Afterwards, that restriction is only for every other day for 30 more days.

Our sprinkler systems are also allowed to on any time when being maintained or repaired. This should not exceed 20 minutes at a time though. Micro sprayers, jets or any hand-held option is something you may use at your leisure.


Never hesitate to call St. Johns County Code Enforcement for more information.