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St Augustine Leaf Clean Up

A leaf clean up in St Augustine should not wait until the Spring. While some people prefer to clean up leaves every week it is not necessary. A St Augustine leaf clean up once a month should be fine in most cases. However, you don’t want your lawn to become overrun with leaves. If you have an excessive amount of leaves this can suffocate your lawn. However, a leaf contains nutrients which are great for your grass. So, it’s good to leave them down for a little while, just don’t allow the leaves to take over your lawn.

Clean Cuts of St Augustine offers the traditional leaf clean up in St Augustine. Where we will leaf clean up all your leaves and put them curbside for you. Also, we can also take them to the landfill for you, at your request.

As an alternative option, we offer to mulch your leaves. This is just like mowing your lawn, but we use a mower with a mulching kit on the equipment. It will chop up the leaves and we can leave them on your lawn. This method will make your lawn look cleaner, and still provide your lawn with the benefits of the nutrients from the leaves. We will not mulch your leaves into your lawn if you have an excessive amount, because we do not want your grass to suffocate.