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Mulch Installation in St Augustine

Clean Cuts of St Augustine commits to the health and happiness of your turf, trees, and flower beds. Mulch installation in St Augustine is an important asset to your property. Adding mulch will not only make your flowerbeds more vivid but will also provide some additional benefits. Below are some of the benefits which actually help increase the value of your home.

Mulch can help in reducing or eliminating any weeds you may have in your flowerbed or garden. Mulch in St Augustine acts as a barrier limiting the amount of sunlight that reaches your flower bed thus protecting your plants. Since weeds need sunlight to grow, mulch helps to prevent weed development.

Mulch installation in St Augustine also helps with retaining moisture, which comes in handy during droughts and hot summer months. While rain is the key to a flower bed’s health, consequently sudden storms and long rain can cause damaging soil erosion. However, if you had mulch installed it acts as a barrier from the imprint of falling rain and reduces runoff. Additionally, mulch prevents the nutrients in the soil from washing away, while providing more nutrients as it decomposes over time.

Additionally, installing mulch in St Augustine helps protect your plant and tree roots. Adding mulch regulates the fluctuating temperature of the changing seasons, which will also help protect your plants. During the colder months’ mulch insulates whereas during warmer months’ mulch keeps out the heat.

While the mulch is protecting the plants in your garden and flower bed it is also providing additional benefits. One such benefit is that mulch will add nutrients back into your soil, which your plants will use for food.